Many people, whether they want to use self-storage for business purposes or for something more personal, are worried about how secure a particular facility is going to be. These people need to look closely at the security features available at each of these different locations. At Central Coast Storage a great deal of effort goes into making each unit safe and secure and protecting the customers of that facility. Below we'll break down all the protective features at the location and why customers feel good storing their belongings here. 

24 Hour Video Recording

There are property managers that watch over the location during standard operating hours, but it's still good to have additional resources available if something happens. That's why there is a series of cameras that are constantly recording everything that happens at the facility. There is clear footage of everything that happens at the location so your belongings are protected here. 

Secure Gated Entry

This self-storage facility is housed within a protective gate with a security system that's tied to each of the individual units. When visiting the facility you must type your unique code into the gate to get in. Once your code is in, the gate will open up to allow you entry and the system will also turn off the individual burglar alarm on your specific unit while leaving the other alarms triggered.

Individual Burglar and Fire Alarms

Every single storage space in the Central Coast Storage facility is equipped with a networked burglar alarm as well as a fire alarm. If a fire breaks out in one of the storage spaces a sprinkler system will trigger and the fire department will be immediately alerted. The burglar alarms trigger whenever someone tries to enter into a storage unit without the proper authorization. If your code wasn't entered into the system before getting into the facility, your alarm will sound if someone tries to get into the unit.

Delivery Acceptance

Business owners can really benefit by enabling delivery acceptance for their specific unit. This special feature gives authorization for delivery personnel to access your storage unit so that they can put packages and other deliverables inside. If you're looking for a way to accept all your business's deliveries throughout the week, you could get a unit at Central Coast Storage specifically for that purpose and gather your delivered items on occasion when you have the time to do so. 

Thanks to all these different security features, it makes sense to store your belongings at Central Coast Storage if you want to protect them and rest easy with secure self-storage.