Whether you’re looking for self-storage that lasts a few months or a few decades, Central Coast Self-Storage has a solution to fit your needs. We understand that personal storage is just that — personal. That’s why our friendly staff is there to support you every step of the way.

Renting a storage space from Central Coast Self Storage makes sense because our storage spaces are affordable, and they provide a safe and secure environment for your personal property. You may be considering a move in which you need to store your belongings for a short period of time, or you may need extended storage to free up valuable space in your home or garage. Whatever your case may be, let us find the right storage space to fit your needs.

Here are a few ways we offer the best value in personal storage.

The amenities and benefits that you should expect from your storage facility:

A Variety of Sizes

Central Coast Self-Storage is here to make your transition in and out of storage as seamless as possible. It all starts with selecting your unit. 

We offer a variety of storage units in a range of sizes to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you need an extra-small storage locker or an extra-large 10x30 unit. We’ll help you determine just how much space is necessary to store your items safely. 

Ample Amenities

Our storage spaces are affordable, safe and secure. We offer a variety of amenities including:

  • Drive-up storage spaces with roll-up doors 
  • Ground-level interior units 
  • Freehand trucks and dollies for your use
  • Individual unit burglar alarms and fire sprinklers
  • Electronic security gates that provide you 24/7/365 access to your belongings
  • 24-hour video recording
  • Extra-tall 9 ft ceilings
  • Exterior LED lighting
  • Extra-wide aisles for easy parking and unloading
  • Delivery acceptance

...and much, much more.  

Drive-Up Storage Spaces with Roll-Up Doors

Many of our storage units have a drive-up accessible roll-up door. This means that you won’t have to lug your goods up stairways and/or freight elevators. Just pull up to your door, roll it up, unload, roll it down, and go. It’s that easy! If you do happen to rent an interior unit, all our interior units are on the ground level, and within a reasonable distance to the building entrance.  Plus, we have free hand trucks and dollies for your use.

Resident Manager

Our managers love helping people and understand the stress that moving places on individuals. Our managers will do everything they can to assist you from the very moment you first contact us. They can help you determine what storage space size you need and can even give you money-saving ideas when it comes to storing your goods. 

Individual Unit Burglar Alarms

Each storage space has its own burglar alarm, and you get your own individual code. If someone tries to access your storage space without entering in your individual code, the alarms will sound. This is just another great feature to help ensure that your items remain right where you left them. 

Individual Fire Sprinklers

Central Coast Self Storage installed fire sprinklers in each storage unit. If a fire were to start in storage, the system automatically puts the fire out and alerts the fire department. We are proud to have this system in place, offering you the peace of mind you deserve.

Electronic Security Gate

When you rent a storage space you will be provided with an individual burglar alarm code that also doubles as your individual gate access code. Simply type your code into the gate control panel. The gate will automatically open, and your burglar alarm will deactivate. For your convenience, our gates operate 365 days a year. This means that you can access your belongings on holidays and after the business office closes (see gate hours listed on the facility home page).

24-Hour Recorded Cameras

Although our managers keep a very close watch on things, it is helpful to have several extra sets of eyes. That is why Central Coast Self Storage uses 24-Hour Video and Digital Video Recorders to help monitor security. Our cameras and digital recorders produce clear images that help ensure the security of your stored property and give you extra peace of mind. 

Extra Tall Ceilings

Our storage spaces have up to 9-foot tall ceilings that give our storage spaces more volume than many of our competitors. Couches and mattresses can be placed on their ends, and lightboxes can be stacked on top of them in order to utilize the space. Many of our customers have saved hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of our extra tall ceilings. 

Exterior LED Lighting, and Storage Space Lighting

Central Coast Self Storage has extensive lighting to help aid you during evening hours and add yet another level of security. The LED lighting is provided in the drive aisles to help light your way.

Roll-Up Doors

All our storage units have roll-up doors that make it easier to access your stored belongings. They can also make it much easier to load and unload items into your storage unit.

Extra Wide Aisles

Extra-wide aisles are wonderful because they allow customers to park in front of their storage spaces and still allow room for other customers to simply drive around them.

Free Use of Hand Trucks

If you're like most people, you're short on helping hands when it comes time to move. Feel free to use our hand trucks to help you move your belongings. You can even make arrangements with the manager to take it off the facility grounds. 

Delivery Acceptance

Upon request, we will gladly accept most types of deliveries. Please see the manager for more details.

Boxes and Moving Supplies

We carry a wide assortment of packing and moving supplies at very competitive prices. From bubble wrap to large moving boxes, we have it all. If there is a packing supply product that we don’t have in stock, we can order it for you. Our manager can help you determine the items you will need, so please stop by anytime during office hours.

Friendly Customer Service 

We pride ourselves in being the best — and the friendliest — option for self-storage in Arroyo Grande, California. Our resident managers are on hand to help you through the entire storage process, from selecting a unit to move-in and move-out. 

Let us help you find the perfect personal storage solution today!