There’s something to be said about settling down, but there’s also much to be said about embracing life as an adventure. Whether you’re moving, headed back to school, or transferring for a job, Central Coast Storage has a large variety of moving supplies to help you prepare for your next big break.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started so you can get on your way. 

Be There or Be Square

In the case of choosing the right box for the job, you definitely want to be square (unless, of course, you’re looking for a proper hatbox). In terms of choosing the right box, what are your criteria? Do you even have a criterion for choosing moving and packing supplies like boxes? 

When it comes to AG self-storage and moving supplies, we definitely do. Central Coast Storage recommends choosing your boxes carefully. Each box should provide ample space for your belongings as well as an extra layer of protection or padding. Organizing items too closely together can create a lot of big regrets in you’re not careful with more fragile items. 

With our self-storage facility in Arroyo Grande, CA, we offer boxes in many different sizes, which makes your shopping that much easier. With a large variety of boxes, you’ll be able to store the lighter items in bigger boxes and smaller items in medium to small boxes (including padding for protection).

Drop by to see our selection and sizes today!

The Life and Times of Tape

What’s so exciting about the tape, you might ask? Well, all of us at Central Coast Storage would be happy to regale you. For one, tape has many different uses, especially when moving. Use masking tape to easily label anything from boxes to glassware without worrying about it leaving a sticky residue behind. Use packing tape to remove lint off of clothing when you’re not using it to seal boxes up. The electric tape always comes in handy on repairing tool handles, TV cords, and wires, and duct tape, when not being used for everything else, is great at getting out splinters

Luckily for you, Central Coast Storage has all of these tape variety and more, so let’s get packing!

Other Moving Essentials

Boxes and tape seem like pretty obvious supplies coming out of self-storage tips, but all of us at Central Coast Storage want to remind you of other essentials you definitely don’t want to skimp on that we just so happen to carry. 

Items like scissors, permanent markers, and locks can be life-savers when moving, so make sure to stock up. Other essentials, like bubble wrap, plastic wrap, garbage bags, mattresses, and furniture covers ill also come in handy as you look at protecting your belongings.

If you’re planning on moving anytime soon, be sure to drop by our facility office to check out our selection between stops at your storage unit. Call us or drop by today!