Storage Tips

We want to help you obtain the most value out of every inch of space you rent.  Here are some tips to consider when storing your belongings:

  • Use your storage space’s volume and not just its floor space
  • Store table tops, mattresses, and couches on their end to save floor space
  • Store glass and mirrors between mattresses
  • Store garden tools and hoses in empty trash cans
  • Use all available space in drawers, refrigerator, washer, and dryer
  • Leave doors on refrigerator slightly open so mold won’t grow
  • Leave items you frequently use near the front of your storage space
  • Consider leaving an aisle down the middle for future access
  • Always store mattresses in protective covers
  • Use protective covers for furniture
  • Store furniture on boards or pallets
  • Drain oils and gasoline out of all lawn and garden equipment
  • Never store anything combustible such as paints, chemicals, oil, and gasoline
  • Never store food items that are not permanently sealed in a can
  • Never store the fabric or the leather side of your furniture directly against the concrete floor
  • Always use a high security lock
  • Check on your stored goods periodically