Transform Space Around Your Apartment with Self-Storage

Admin | October 5, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

If your apartment feels small or cluttered, you aren't alone. A large portion of the people that live in apartments feel cramped. That doesn't mean you have to look for a larger place to live, though. Instead, you can make some simple home organization changes around your home and invest in storage units in Arroyo Grande, CA, and transform your apartment.

We've compiled some of the most useful tips to help you declutter and organize your apartment at the same time. Follow along, and you can achieve incredible results. 

Remove the Excess and Declutter

Before looking at any of our other home storage ideas, or even thinking about picking out a self-storage unit, it's a good idea to start by decluttering your apartment. Go from one room to the next and remove all the things you aren't using regularly.

Look for several items that are all meeting the same purpose and get rid of the duplicates. Gather up all the extra junk that's cluttering your home and get rid of these things by selling them, giving them away, or throwing them away if they aren't functional. This process is time-consuming, but once you're finished with it you'll have far less to organize overall. 

Remove Any Seasonal Items

It's also a good idea to gather all the seasonal items you have in your home that you aren't currently using. Organize these items by the season they are needed and package them for storage. If you can fit these things in your home storage comfortably, place them there until you need them. If there isn't space at home, you can move these seasonal items to your self-storage unit and open up more space at home right away. 

Organize Your Apartment Into Zones

When it's time to start organizing your apartment to make it more functional and organized, one trick that really helps is to sort out different spaces in each room of your home that has specific functions. Your living room could have a spot for your electronics, another spot to hold your books and collectibles, and yet another that's a study or workspace.

Consider how you want to use every room in your home and try not to give one area more than one function. If you follow this approach you will find it easier to separate your belongings in an orderly way. 

Invest in Storage-Focused Furniture

Along with deciding on how you want to organize your items, you have to open up extra space to give all your possessions a place to sit. Consider swapping some of your furniture for new pieces that feature built-in storage.

You can get stools and tables with built-in storage compartments. Swap in new furniture items wherever you can to maximize your storage. You can sell your old furniture or move it to storage until you figure out what to do with it. Adding just a few carefully selected pieces of furniture may be enough to remove the clutter from your apartment and to make it comfortable. 

Make the Most of Underutilized Surfaces

If you're still struggling for space, consider all the open walls, doors, and cupboards you aren't using for storage yet. You can add a shoe, hat, or towel storage to the backs of the doors in your home. You can slide low-profile drawers under furniture.

There are special storage shelves designed to go in between your refrigerator and the wall as well for spice storage. Most homes have untapped storage potential. Look around your apartment carefully and you're likely to find some as well. 

There's no doubt that having access to high-quality self-storage space makes organizing and decluttering an apartment easier and faster. Even without a storage unit, you can start this transformation process, but you will likely want to make the investment eventually.

At Central Coast Storage, we offer small and large units that are carefully protected with a range of security features. Use these spaces to help you organize your apartment and transform your living space.