Why Student Self-Storage isn't Just for Summer Months

Admin | May 4, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Self-storage units are vital for students that go away from campus during the summer to help house all their belongings until the following semester. This isn't the only time that self-storage facilities are helpful for students though. 

Keep reading for self-storage tips and some key reasons to consider extending your self-storage rental beyond the summer months that you're away from school.

Live Comfortably in a Small Dorm Using Self-Storage

Dorm rooms aren't known for being spacious or comfortable, but they are convenient for students that want to get to classes quickly. If you're feeling cramped in your dorm a self-storage unit can offer you the extra space you need to live in comfort. 

Take some of the larger items you want to have on hand but don't need every day, and put them in your storage unit to clear out the clutter. Even a very small dorm room can be made to feel comfortable if you keep all your extras in storage until you need them. 

You'll love the extra room you enjoy with this setup, and it's much more affordable than paying for an apartment or a larger dorm room if they are available on your campus. 

Prepare to Study Abroad or Go On Vacation

If you decide to study abroad, or you want to take a vacation from school, it's important to make sure your valuables are safely stored away while you're gone. Student self-storage facilities give you a reliable place to stash your stuff until you return to school. 

The summer often isn't the only time that students are away from an extended period. Maintain your storage space throughout the year so you always have storage that you can trust to protect your belongings. 

Use a Facility that's Protective Enough for Your Valuables

If you're going to keep costly items such as jewelry, electronic equipment and more in your student storage facility it's important to ensure you choose a secure space such as units offered by Central Coast Storage. 

While you probably won't need to spend the extra money for climate-controlled storage unless you have very delicate items that need precise temperatures, you do want units with secure locks, good video surveillance systems, and proper burglar protection. 

Central Coast Storage offers all of these protective features and more. Your unit will come fitted with its own burglar alarm and fire sprinkler. The facility is lit up with LED lights and monitored by 24/7 video surveillance systems. 

It comes with a locking gate, and there's a resident manager to watch over everything so you know your belongings are protected. 

Before you cancel your student self-storage rental for the school year consider how it could benefit you while living life as a student on campus as well. You may just decide to maintain your membership or to utilize a small unit while living on campus for extra living space and security you can depend on.