How Self-Storage Can Be a Support For Your Business

Admin | December 6, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Business Security and Self-Storage

Businesses lose $50 billion annually due to employee theft. And it’s not just pencils and paper clips. Small businesses lose money, assets and valuable files. Without the protection of business self-storage, that’s a lot of money lost. How much does your business’ security matter? How far are you willing to go to secure your files and your assets?

Your place of business is not as secure as you would imagine, and it’s definitely not as safe as Central Coast Self-Storage. You might even trust your employees, but do you trust your customers?

The theft of pertinent information and equipment is a real threat. Add on top the threat of fire and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. If you’re a small business and the building you’re renting doesn’t include a secure fireproof room for your valuable assets and files, you need to find a more secure location. Our storage units are the safest option.

Our Storage Units Are More Secure Than You Think

When you use self-storage in Arroyo Grande, CA, you don’t lose access. You receive a unique code for the security gate and you can access your storage units 24/7 and 365 days a year. A backup generator will kick in case of an outage increasing security by keeping all lights and security systems running.

Are you ready to make room in your office and store your files someplace safe? Reserve your space today!