Optimizing Wardrobe Space with Storage

Admin | October 19, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Many people struggle with an overflowing closet and a seemingly endless wardrobe without space to keep everything organized. That's why we've assembled some simple wardrobe storage ideas, home storage ideas, and tricks to help open up space in your home for the clothing that you really need. Follow these basic tips and you'll clear up room to really get your valuables organized, and you'll have a neat and efficient closet before you know it! 

Do Away with Unnecessary Clothing Items

The first step you should take before even worrying about self-storage facilities is to sort through your existing clothing and get rid of the items you simply don't wear. Most people have at least a few things they never wear, and it's not worth holding onto most of these pieces. Look through your closet, your dresser, and anywhere else your clothing is stored and do away with the extra stuff instead of paying to store it. 

Store Your Seasonal Attire

Once all the unnecessary items are removed from your possessions, your closet and dresser should already look more organized and manageable. From here you can start making use of storage units in Arroyo Grande, CA, to transform your home closet into the orderly space you've always wanted it to be.

You should use some home storage techniques to optimize your space, but you should also separate your clothing into items that you'll wear right now, and items that you'll only wear during the other seasons of the year. Split your clothing into piles and only fill your closet with items that you'll be using right now.

This is the clothing you need to sort out and make use of. Use organizational techniques such as folding or rolling your clothing, or consider investing in a different closet system to give you space and the tools to bring real organization to your home closet. 

Store Your Clothing with Care

You should have your seasonal clothing separated into different piles based on when you want to wear them throughout the year. Now it's time to package that clothing into water-resistant containers to prevent mold and mildew during storage.

For everyday clothing items you can use plastic storage bins. If you want to up the level of protection for your clothing you can invest in a wardrobe storage organizer or wardrobe boxes to use in self-storage. Package the items up, label them carefully, and get them ready to go into your new storage unit. 

Choose Your Storage Facility with Care

Before you can put away your clothing for the offseason and open up space in your home for other storage needs, you need to find a facility you trust. Select a location that's convenient for you to access, which offers enough space for all your storage needs and that's secure as well.

At Central Coast Storage we offer spaces between 5' x 10' in size and 10' x 20' in size, they're drive-up accessible and protected with industry-leading security systems to give your clothing and other valuables the highest level of protection while stored. 

Label and Organize Your Storage for Efficiency

As long as you label each clothing container based on the contents of the package and the month you want to use it, you'll be able to pack the items away effectively in your storage unit. Neatly stack up your storage boxes by month, and leave a row you can walk up and down in to access your items.

Now, you'll be ready to pull out clothing for each month that you need it, and you can replace these items with the next batch of seasonal clothing so you always have space in your home closet. Just be sure you package and organize your clothing properly and that you use a quality storage facility to keep your valuables safe while they're packed away.

Follow these simple tips and you'll always have the space you need in your closet at home for a comfortable wardrobe.