Best Outdoor Adventures In and Near Arroyo Grande, CA

Jon Fesmire | February 22, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Tired of being stuck inside this past year? We get that. We also understand that it’s not the safest idea to recommend indoor activities right now.  


With that in mind, we do have some great outdoor activity recommendations for you and your family in Arroyo Grande and the surrounding area. 


Just make sure to wear your mask and socially distance, of course. 


Dinosaur Caves Park


Overlooking the ocean in Pismo Beach is a great site to bring your kids for a few hours or the day, Dinosaur Caves Park. This spot is just seven minutes away from Arroyo Grande, so you’ll hardly have to step out of town at all to have a blast here.


The park is 11 acres and includes a big playground, lots of lawn space for relaxing or playing sports, picnic tables, and hiking trails. 


It’s a great place to go for a walk with family or your dogs, to go jogging, to take pictures, to throw a birthday party or wedding, or even to go fishing. Certain areas, like the amphitheater, are available for rent.

The park gets its name from the playground, which boasts statues of a dinosaur, two dolphins, three seals, and three dinosaur eggs kids can play in.


Pismo Beach


One nice advantage of living in Arroyo Grande is our proximity to the beach. Pismo beach is just six minutes from town. Relax in the sand or on the rocks, go surfing, body surfing, or swimming, and generally enjoy yourself at the beach. Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen!


You might want to consider taking surfing lessons, and several places offer them in Pismo Beach, including Sandbar Surf School and Central Coast Surf School.


If you enjoy wine tasting, check out the Pismo Beach Wine Tasting Experience. Tickets are under $20, and you’ll get to sample several wines and learn about the Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande wine region.


Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove


A wonderful annual tradition in the Arroyo Grande area is to go see the migrating monarch butterflies. More than 10,000 of these butterflies stop at the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove every year, and between October and February, you can watch them, in their orange and red hues, covering the local Eucalyptus trees. This site is just a minute from Pismo Beach and about seven minutes from Arroyo Grande.


In addition to the butterflies, the park itself is also a beautiful site to visit. Plus, during butterfly season, there are special activities for kids and adults, including educational booths. This is a nice place to spend the day or several hours.


Rutiz Family Farms


Did you miss the weekly farmers market but still want to get some fresh ingredients for a special meal? Luckily, Arroyo Grande’s own Rutiz Family Farms has you covered. 


Jerry and Maureen run the Rutiz Family Farms food stand at 1075 The Pike, right in front of their fields.


Their goods, including vegetables, flowers, berries, and herbs, are grown without pesticides. 


Check their site for availability of various goods, as well as the current stand hours, they do vary. 


On their website, sign up for their weekly newsletter to stay informed of sales. Also, when you visit, bring cash or checks, as they don’t accept credit cards. A visit here is a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air, and fresh ingredients.

The Luffa Farm


You’ll find a truly unique experience just 12 minutes away at The Luffa Farm


Yes, this is a farm that grows organic bath sponges. They also make other handcrafted bath products. It started as a business simply making these products, but local curiosity grew so much that the owners decided to open it up to curious tourists.

They give free tours that go for about a half-hour, and you can purchase a variety of bath products, including the aforementioned luffas, in their gift shop.

Taste of SLO


Foodies will love this and not mind the 25-minute drive to San Louis Obispo to participate. We’re talking about the Taste of SLO - Walking Food Tour


The tour comes in two flavors, so to speak, the Downtown & Creamery tour, and the Uptown Mojo Tour.


The Downtown & Creamery Tour takes place in the afternoon, and you’ll visit, and dine at, seven local eateries, which may vary depending on the day. 


The types of foods you’ll get to enjoy include Peruvian seafood, French macaroons, locally roasted coffee, local beers, and more. 


The Uptown Mojo Tour takes place evenings and you’ll visit four restaurants, where you may enjoy rotisserie meats, California pub fare, seafood chowder, local beer and wines, and the like.


It’s generally a good idea to go for a walk after a meal, and this will keep you burning off those calories and allowing you to enjoy some great food without getting too full.


We hope you enjoy some of these activities. Be safe, and have fun!