3 Ways to Care For Your Antiques in Storage

Admin | February 18, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Getting just the right conditions for antique storage is difficult to do no matter where you're keeping your valuables. That's why it's better just to focus on preparing your valuables to survive in self-storage rather than worrying too much about the storage conditions. These tips for storing antiques will help you go through the proper preparation steps so your artwork, books and other valuable antiques stay in good shape while in storage. 

Preparing Furniture Items Carefully

When storing wooden or metal furniture in a self-storage unit you must take great care to keep it in good shape over the months or years that it's held in storage. That means spending some time preparing your piece before putting it into one of the storage units in the Arroyo Grande. Metal objects should be coated with a thin layer of oil to preventing rusting from humidity. Wooden furniture should be thoroughly dusted off and treated with a thick layer of polish to protect the surface coating. All furniture items should be covered in blankets, wrapped in plastic, or protected with bubble wrap to keep the elements from doing damage to them. 

Safeguarding your Books

While obtaining storage and packing supplies, keep any books in mind that you'll be storing because they require some specific supplies to store properly. All books should be encased in book boxes to prevent moisture from doing damage to them. They should first be wrapped in acid-free paper, then put inside a plastic bag and finally placed within a book box. 

Following all those steps is the only way to protect your books from moisture when they're stored so you don't have to worry about them taking damage. 

Storing Artwork Properly

Quality artwork is valued more highly than many other types of antiques, and it takes the most effort to store for long-term holding in a facility like the ones offered at Central Coast self-storage. Start by wrapping your artwork in glassine: a moisture-resistant paper product. Once it's wrapped up, you’ll need to wrap it again in clear plastic. Finish by slipping the art piece vertically in a wooden crate and padding the interior with cardboard and other soft filler items to prevent jostling while in storage. 

Self-storage units work just fine for most antiques as long as you know how to get them ready for long-term storage. Follow these instructions and you'll keep your antiques in excellent shape over time as a result.