A Refreshing Beginning to the New Year!

The Central Coast Team | December 28, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

So, you’ve already begun gathering and boxing up your holiday décor, getting ready to bid it adieu in storage until the holidays roll around next year. Woo-hoo, you’re starting off the new year on top of your game! Take a moment to celebrate your hard work.


Everyone has a different perspective on how to kick off a successful new year. Some people arm themselves with a list of resolutions. Others plant themselves on the couch, blissfully awaiting the steady stream of football bowl games. And the more adventurous of us? Well, we dive into icy waters, braving the frosty air as we shake–okay, shiver–off the old and welcome the new year, invigorated and ready for fresh experiences.


Adventurers, I see you, bursting with excitement at the thought of jump-starting the year with a new, albeit freezing, challenge. What is this fantastic feat, you ask?


Polar Bear Dips! That’s right–not just one, but two of them–right here on our beautiful Central Coast. Whether you choose Avila Beach or Cayucos, you’ll be joined on New Year’s Day by thousands of other human polar bears equally excited to leap into the chilly Pacific Ocean.


Perhaps, you’d like to up the ante on the fun meter. Don a favorite costume for the plunge…the more outrageous, the better. No cheating with wetsuits! Before you balk about the temperature, think about your fellow human icicles embarking on their own Polar Bear Dips in snowy Chicago, Boston, and New York.


Both local events kick off at noon. The Avila Beach Polar Bear Dip is located on the east side of the Avila Beach Pier while the Carlin Soule Memorial Polar Bear Dip is adjacent to the Cayucos Pier. These events are free to all, no tickets or reservations required. Don’t forget a towel and a change of warmer clothing, and please leave your adorable four-legged friends at home.


So, whatcha think? Ready to embrace a new tradition?