Seasonal Vehicle Self-Storage

Admin | December 31, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

California winters may be mild, but the scorching summers and drastic weather changes in between make for significant preparation of valuable things. Knowing how to store sensitive items, especially vehicles of any kind, is essential with fluctuating temperatures. Here are some of Central Coast Self-Storage’s best tips for seasonal boat, RV and vehicle storage. 

Seasonal RV Storage

Some self-storage facilities in Arroyo Grande, CA may not even offer vehicle storage. If you’d like some additional space in the off-season, be sure to start only with the self-storage facilities that offer RV storage. While climate-controlled RV storage may not be an option within your budget, finding a facility that offers covered RV storage will be your best bet in keeping your recreational vehicle in prime condition, despite the everchanging seasons. 

Seasonal Boat Storage

Coastal states have the luxury of many boat storage options, including on-land and in the water. For those residing in in-land California, storing at a dock may be too expensive of an option. Be sure to shop around and check out your options before settling, but also keep in mind that keeping your boat pristine will likely require boat storage at a self-storage facility. For optimal preservation, try to find a facility that offers covered vehicle storage, and make sure all excess water is drained, exterior and interior have been cleaned and the fuel tank is filled. 

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Seasonal Vehicle Storage

Most storage facilities offer at least outdoor vehicle storage for cars, boats, and RVs. However, the best storage facilities provide covered vehicle storage and even climate-controlled units for some cars and smaller recreational vehicles. All storage facilities, though, require that the vehicles must be running and operational to avoid further complications. 

With the seasonal extremes, make sure to prepare any vehicle by washing or wiping down the exterior, filling up the gas and oil reserves to avoid interior corrosion, inspecting the vehicle for any issues or foreign substances and tuning up for any foreseeable problems.  

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